TOURNAMENT South Manchester

1Harvey, Martin5kManchesterUK
2Harvey, Helen3kManchesterUK
3Varenius, Eskil2kUnknown-GoteSweden
5Scantlebury, Robert8kNo ClubUK
6Guan, Ai6kLancasterUK
7Pitchford, Anthony10kChesterUK
8Morris, Andrew1kLiverpoolUK
9Allen, Peter4kLiverpoolUK
10Boyd, Andrew13kLiverpoolUK
11Pollitt, Lizzy19kCheadle Hulme SchoolUK
12Upton, Amy17kCheadle Hulme SchoolUK
13Upton, Megan19kCheadle Hulme SchoolUK
14Bradbury, Tom5kCheadle Hulme SchoolUK
15Brown, Jason9kCheadle Hulme SchoolUK
16Bagot, Robert2kLancasterUK
17Cutts, Brent7kNottinghamUK

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Private: 0
Deleted: 1

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