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30 July – 4 August 2017

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The Isle of Man is located in the middle of the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland.

The Isle of Man's principal port, Douglas is served by car ferries to and from Liverpool (2:30 hours or 4h); Heysham, near Lancaster (2h or 3:30h); Belfast (2:45h) and Dublin. Please note that the Isle of Man is served by both conventional ferries and high speed fastcraft.

Isle of Man Airport at Ronaldsway, only 5 miles from Port Erin, is served by flights to and from most major British & Irish airports.

You can travel to the Isle of Man with either of the following:

The currency of the Isle of Man is the pound sterling, but euros are occasionally accepted at shops. Visitors are advised to exchange any Isle of Man Government notes back into British banknotes prior to leaving the Isle of Man.

Citizens of the European Union do not require passports to visit the Isle of Man. Non EU citizens require passports if they enter the Isle of Man from the Republic of Ireland, however no one has to show a passport if they enter from the United Kingdom.

The Isle of Man has its own mobile telephone networks, so you should be able to make and receive calls provided that international roaming is activated on your phone. If you haven't taken your phone abroad before you are advised to check with your network provider - some UK mobiles will only work here if they have roaming enabled.


The island is 33 miles (52 Km) long and 13 miles (22 Km) wide and encompasses a wide variety of scenery. The Manx population numbers just over 75,000 people, about half of whom live in the Douglas and Onchan region.

Useful websites:

The town of Port Erin is seen on the map near the South-Western tip of the Isle of Man.